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I enjoy my coffee, some days I just really need the caffeine. One thing I cannot do is drink it black, I just don’t understand how people can do that. It is far too bitter for me. So at home I buy a good creamer to counteract that bitterness and drink it up.

Now I am not addicted to Starbucks, I can go without it. But what I do enjoy is having a place I can sit with a friend to talk. And the last 2 years I have really, REALLY needed that. Walking in the door and smelling that coffee relaxes me. Sitting in the comfy chairs and shooting the breeze helps me feel normal again, even if only for an hour. Lately I have begun using it as an office to meet with clients as well because I think it does the same for them, it is easier to meet at Starbucks than at my home.

While I am a Gold Card member (yes I was horribly excited the day I received that in the mail) I don’t spend a lot of money there. When I have $20 I put it on my card and it lasts me as long as it needs to, sometimes several months. Like anything else, there are ways to spend less when going out for coffee. And for me, what really matters in the company.

Holiday Eggnog Latte.....yummy warm goodness
Holiday Eggnog Latte…..yummy warm goodness