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Easy towel rack

Decorating your home and keeping it organized seems to be two of the biggest categories found on pintrest. So many ideas require a huge budget which many people cannot afford. I particularly love it when something is repurposed into something functional and beautiful. I believe not only is it being thrifty, it can also be fun.

There are many ways to find these types of items. Let’s face it, some of it is probably already in your house! Garage sales are the classic ways to find pieces of treasure. I grew up visiting thrift stores and found many awesome clothes that I would never have found in the mall. Facebook has led to many buy/sell/trade groups where strangers list items they have for sale in hopes of cleaning out their house and making a few bucks on the side.


A few pieces of advice if you are going this route. One, always go to a public place to meet. Two, always tell someone else you are going. Three, if you must go to someone’s home be sure to bring a partner. Four, only bring enough cash for the agreed upon price. Another option is to find a group where everyone meets at the same time. In my town such a group meets by the local Rite Aid on Saturday mornings. A good 50 cars show up and you can meet several buyers/sellers at one time and in one place.


You never know what is going to be listed so be sure to check the groups on a regular basis. I got lucky one week and found this fabulous wine rack, and it was only $5. I already have one that I keep my bottles in and I wanted this for something else. Our bathrooms are flat out tiny and with little closet space I needed storage options. Add in two girls who forget to check for a clean towel before getting in the shower and putting them in the bathroom is kinda a duh. It works great and fits the little space I had.


The seller thought it needed it be repainted but I found it just needed a good cleaning and the patina showed wonderfully. I love the curves in this, it always reminds me of the armoire in Beauty and the Beast. So find the beauty in something old and find a new use for it. Have fun!