Italian Green Beens home canned

There are certain vegetables I think taste better canned than frozen, and green beans is one of them. There are so many ways to add flavor in the canning process that making small batches works perfectly. There are two ways to can green beans, raw or hot pack. Raw pack means the beans go into the jar raw and are then processed. Hot pack has you boiling the beans for 5 minutes and then packing into the jar. Hot packed beans allow you to get slightly more in the jar and since they are already cooked you won’t increase your head space. The batch of beans I made over the weekend was done raw pack, but when I do more this coming weekend I will do them hot packed so you can see th difference.

Ingredients for quart jars
Green Beans
1 tsp Canning Salt
2 Garlic Cloves
1/4 tsp Black Pepper
1/4 tsp Italian Seasoning
1/4 c Sliced Onions
Hot Water

Canning beans requires that they be as fresh as possible. While there are many foods that can sit around for a while, beans go limp quickly. I really prefer to can them within 48 hours of being preprint the beans, give the kids a bag and a bowl. Yes,this is a project I make them do because it is easy and they can do it while watching NCiS on Netflix. Snap off both ends of the bean, just the very tips. Sometimes the sting down the middle will start to peel off and I just finish the task, but don’t work about it if it doesn’t start when strapping the ends.


Canning salt is always used because it doesn’t have the additives that your Mortins salt will have. These can add flavors you don’t like and will cause the water to become cloudy. Keep I mind that salt is not required, but the amount is significantly less than you will find in store-bought canned beans. It is added because when cooking with salt, it amplifies the flavor of the foods being cooked.

This is for quart sized jars, but can easily be adjusted for pints. I like quarts because while we won’t eat a whole jar in one meal, the leftovers will be eaten a few days later. So why not do pints? I can can twice as much intense same time and use half as many jars to store.

While you can place the garlic cloves whole, I prefer to smoosh them a little first. This releases the oils and infusing the beans with more flavor.

In each jar place all the ingredients and top with green beans. Or, you can put the onions on top as I did in a few jars, you just need to save room. Everything will get mixed as they work in the pressure canner. Heck, half it it gets mixed up as you work out the air.


Be sure to remove all air bubbles. This is much harder with raw means than ones that have been cooked. You literally have to jam your utensil down to find air pockets. If you don’t remove all the air when you are done processing you could be stuck with jars that only have liquid covering half your beans. Leave one inch of head space, wipe the rims and place in the pressure canner. Process pints 20 minutes and quarts for 25.


To figure out how many beans you should out up, think of a pint as one can of beans from the store. Approximately 10 pounds of green beans will make 5 quarts. When opening the jar make sure the lid is still indented and fully sealed. Be sure to bring the beans to a boil before eating and enjoy!


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