Use a Steam Juicer to make Cherry Juice

It is that time of year when certain fruits are producing. You gotta act fast because you have a short window before they are rotting on the trees. Cherries fall into that category and I have been putting things up left and right. This year I was gifted a steam juicer and an I just say I am in LOVE. It is the gosh durn easiest way to get juice and is FAB-U-LOUS!

A steam juicer comes in three parts. The bottom holds the water, the middle holds the juice and the top is for fruit. The coolest part is that you do very little prep work to the fruit before placing in the steamer. For cherries this means no pitting! Wash the fruit and place in a pot of water. This allows you to check for any fruit that floats,which should be tossed as it may have a worm. Next place into the strainer. That is it, I promise. Fill that sucker up full and get ready to cook it down into a pulp.


Place the strainer into the middle piece which collects the juice. The middle piece will have  a tube attached, this is how the juice is drained. Be sure that it is clamped shut or you will have juice leakage. The bottom piece sets directly onto the burner and is filled with hot water. Place the other two pieces on top and crank the heat up to high.


As the fruit cooks, occasionally stir it but do not press down. Pressing will push it into the juice and you will need to strain it later. If cooking a look of fruit be sure to occasionally check the water level. New fruit can be added on top and just mixed in with the pulp. I made 3 gallons of cherry juice this day and this was all that was left of what I had put in the pot.


If some pulp does slip through use a pear towel to wipe away before draining out the tube. The juice can be drained into a plastic jug for freezing, a pitcher for easier handling or straight into jars ready to waterbath.


There are many things to do with your cherry juice. You can mix up cherry lemonade concentrate, cherry jelly or reduce it to make Gremadine. This batch I just bottled the juice straight so I can add it to pitchers of juice over the year for custom blended flavor. If you don’t can, it freezes well. A friend goes through a lot of distilled water as three family members uses c-pap machines so it get clean jugs from her I use for freezing juices. Those I freeze ready to drink.

How cool is that? So much easier than an electric juice and it produces clear juice without pulp. I hope you give it a try.


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