Canned Turkey Soup

Nothing beats having a can of soup in the pantry for nights you don’t want to cook. But have you looked at the amount of sodium they use? Often times it is up to 40% of the RDA, just for a bowl of soup! Making homemade soup is easy but definitely takes several hours to get it right, that is where canning comes in handy. While you can freeze turkey soup, I think it holds up better to canning.

INGREDIENTS per quart jar (cut in half for pints)

1 cup Turkey


1 cup sliced Carrots

1 TB Onions

2 TB Celery

To really make this economical I buy several turkeys at Thanksgiving when it is .69 a pound. The larger, the better because it means more leftovers when you do decide to roast one. I use it for many things from pot pies to casseroles but today I am making soup.

I cook in my countertop roaster. Not only does this keep the house from getting hot I use the pan to make the broth.
I cook in my countertop roaster. Not only does this keep the house from getting hot I use the pan to make the broth.

While you can use canned broth, I prefer to make my own from the turkey bones. Simple remove all the meat and sin from the bones, place in a pot and cover with 2 gallons of water. Toss in some carrots and onions. They don’t need to be peel or chopped as they will fall apart as the broth cooks. Season to taste with salt, pepper and herbs. When the broth is ready, pour through your pasta strainers to remove all the bones and vegetables. All the flavor has been removed from the vegetables so don’t try saving them. The easiest way to skim off any grease is to cool and pace in the freezer for about 1 hour. The grease that has floated to the top will solidify and easily be removed with a spoon.

In clean, sanitized jars place 1 cup shredded turkey, 1 c sliced carrots, 1 Tb diced onion and 2 Tb chopped celery. Fill each jar with broth, leaving 1 inch headspace. Be sure to remove all air bubbles even when canning soup. Use hot waster on a paper towel to thoroughly wipe down the rim of the jar. This is one of those foods that has a little grease and if that is left on the rims will prevent a seal.


Place jars in a pressure canner and process for 70 minutes for pints and 90 minutes for quarts. Allow jars to cool and store without the rings on.

Be sure to use a sharpie and write the date it was canned and what kind of soup it is.
Be sure to use a sharpie and write the date it was canned and what kind of soup it is.

You may wonder why I have not added rice or pasta, that is because it is not recommended that you can with either one of those ingredients. The recipe above allows for enough broth that you add those when you are cooking the soup. The other advantage is that it means 1 jar will stretch further.

To prepare, heat the soup to a boil and allow to simmer for 5 minutes. This is always recommended when eating low acid foods, add either 2 cups cooked pasta or 1 cup rice to the soup and serve.


If you plan ahead and use leftover rice and pasta you can have dinner ready in about 10 minutes. If not take long for so little pasta to cook and you can heat the soup in the same pot. Rice and be done quickly in the microwave. Now how easy is that? A healthy dinner and faster than takeout any day.


Easter Egg Memory Game

The ham leftovers are in the fridge, dyed eggs are peeled, a chocolate bunny is missing it’s ears and the plastic eggs are back in storage.¬† But wait! Keep those eggs out a little bit longer this year and have some family fun.

Start by splitting all the eggs in half. Depending on the ages and abilities of those playing you can lay out 130 or just 10. They can be organized by color or all mixed up.


Under each half put an item. Make sure you always have a matching pair. It can be a paper clip, rubber band, coins, Fruit Loops, jelly beans or anything else you can come up with. Those who find a set get to eat what they find.


A benefit for little ones is the eggs are easier to pick up than the traditional cards. Also the color of the egg helps them to remember which egg had what under it.


Even teenagers have fun when candy is involved.

Have fun!