Why Do I Share Recipes?

I began collecting recipes when I got married. I was determined to become a good cook and to do it on a small budget. Back then it seemed that every recipe required a ton of ingredients, many of which were expensive. The only budget friendly ones I had were those used by my own mother when I was growing up.

Then I discovered Taste of Home magazine. This was a monthly magazine that offered a wide variety of recipes to fit any budget, every skill level and a variety of food options. I was hooked. I began to tweak recipes to what my family liked and didn’t like and discovered that many recipes were better than the original. Today I am known as a good cook, although sometimes I am not sure I deserve that title. I don’t think every meal needs to be fancy, but it is nice to know a few recipes that instantly impress.

For example, Chicken Parmesan is very easy to make but is the perfect date night meal. When I taught my son how to do it his response was “That’s it? That is easy!” I did tell him he can use jarred sauce or homemade, but suggested that he make up a bunch of sauce at once and freeze it so as to always have it on hand. This makes several fast meals possible. Of course he already knew that I have done that for years, but it was a good reminder that he too can plan ahead. That is one thing I really want to show through my recipes, a little planning ahead can make dinner preparation very simple, and dare I say fun?

My kids have grown up learning from me, things which I wish I had known 20+ years ago. My mother was so busy doing what she needed to do in order to raise 4 kids, she didn’t have the time or patience to teach me. While I am still learning, I want to share what I know with others to hopefully be a blessing to you, and so that you can turn around and bless those around you with your skills and knowledge. I hope that I have been able to do that, and if there is something specific you want to learn how to make, please let me know.

For now, enjoy what is here, expect more good things to come and I would love to hear your thoughts on my blog.


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