New Year Changes

Three kids and time have changed me, not always for the better, I had gained a lot of weight, I topped out at 220 pounds. Although I am told I carried it well, I was not happy about it. Two years ago began an extremely stressful time in my life and I dropped 50 pounds. It wasn’t the result of doing anything consciously, trust me.

A few months ago that same stress led me to eating a lot. It wasn’t necessarily bad foods, I just began eating more than I should. I realized last month I had gained 5 pounds. All the stress in the world is not a good excuse, it needs to stop. I cannot change the stress but I can work in how I react to it. It isn’t just the number but staying healthy. So right here, and right now I am committing to change. My hope is that making it public will keep me on track.

What about you my beauties? Will you commit with me to change your health for the better? Comment below and share your goals.


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