Business Tips

At least half of all businesses in the USA are based at home. It isn’t just the stay at home mom selling Avon or Tupperware anymore. Men and women around the world are finding that they prefer to avoid the commute, or want to avoid daycare, and have chosen a better way to earn a living and provide for their families. From accountants, to computer programmers, to multi-level marketers, working from home is a viable option that can support your family and help you achieve your dreams.

Gone is the supervisor telling you to finish XYZ before you go home. Those regular pay checks every two weeks are a thing of the past. Company benefits depend completely on your performance. But the benefits are extraordinary. No longer do you have to tell your daughter you cannot attend the school concert because it is at 10 in the morning, because you set your own schedule. Dinner can be on the table by 5:30 (and it isn’t take out), because you had an extra 15 minutes to throw it in the crock pot this morning. Praise God and hallelujah there is no more commute in rush hour traffic! Kick guilt to the curb because you have to call in sick to work when your daughter has her third sinus infection this winter.


It isn’t just peaches and cream however, it takes hard work to run your own business from home. While there is no one thing that will make you succeed, there are traits that successful people have that we can all use to make our businesses succeed. I am a mentor and trainer with Younique Cosmetics and these are tips that I have learned that will help any entrepreneur.

What makes you want to read a book more than once? Why do you have favorite television shows or movies? There is something about them that is different from all the other choices available that draws you to them.

Running your business is the same way. You are not the only person people can buy from, so what makes you stand out? Just remember to be FINE

1. Fun – Nobody wants to be around someone who is boring and a stick in the mud. Be willing to do things that are uncomfortable and have fun. If you are having fun, so will those around you.


2. Funny – Many are naturally funny, some of us have to work hard at it. I am not a natural joke teller but I can do great one liners. The point is, to keep trying to make those around you to laugh. The worst that could happen is nobody laughs and you hear crickets in the background, That is okay, even the best comedians have jokes that fall flatter than a pancake, what matters is they just move on to something else.


3. Informative – Be able to explain your products and various ways to use them. Provide tips that anyone can use even if they never buy from you. If people know they can learn from you, they will always come back for more.

4. Nowledgeable – I know it isn’t spelled correctly but let’s face you, you always hate putting that K in there anyways. Know about your product, the guarantee, your company, commissions, hostess rewards, and even the competition. This does not mean you slam other companies! But if you are going to say you have the best gizmo in the world, and someone asks you about the one sold by Acme at Wal Mart, you should be able to explain the differences and why your gizmo is better than theirs.

5. Exciting – If you aren’t excited about the product, party or company, why would anyone else be?

Remember the excitement leading up to Christmas or the last day of school? That is how we should be with our business.
Remember the excitement leading up to Christmas or the last day of school? That is how we should be with our business.

5. Entertaining – Why did Hollywood grow into a billion dollar town? Because people want to be entertained.


If you implement these ideas into your business and life, you will be everyone’s Go-To-Gal with your company. So get out there and be FINE! Have a great day my beauties.


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