Two Minute Tip for lips

So I mentioned in a previous post that I was taking advantage of the down time while canning applesauce. Anytime I can multitask I consider it a win win! So I figure I may as well share my tip for brightening your lips and making them appear bigger here as well. I used all Younique products, but you can use what you have on hand for the same look

First choose your favorite lip gloss. I love this one because the pink isn’t too bright and the glitter adds a bit of fun.


You will need two pencils. The first one needs to match the gloss you have chosen.


The second one is a simple white. I used an eye liner and you can too as long as it goes on smoothly.


Finally, have a good pencil sharpener on hand. Not only does it help make sure you draw a good line around your lips, but it makes sure the pencils are clean and won’t harbor bacteria. I like to sharpen my pencils after I use them, and before I put them away.

Now line your lips with your colored lip liner and use the colored liner to slightly shade the end of your bottom lip.


Put just a dab of white in the middle of your bottom lip.


Finish with the lip gloss.


To watch how I out together, check out my video for all you beauties out there.


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