Mexican Sauce

Sunday I was blessed with a plethora of tomatoes. I took Boo with me to pick whatever I wanted. I returned with 10 gallons of green tomatoes that I have plans for this week. But the ripe ones needed to be dealt with quickly.

Fresh Roma tomatoes

I love to use my countertop roaster for canning. I can cook one large batch of something and it will stay warm as I process several batches on the stove. I went back and forth of what to use my tomatoes for and since they are Romas, I settled in Mexican Sauce. I can use it for things like enchiladas. I have not perfected the recipe yet but used dried chilies (next time I want to use roasted fresh ones), chili powder, cumin, garlic and onions.

Bloom end removed and sliced in half.
Bloom end removed and sliced in half.

As the tomatoes because cooking I removed much of the liquid. As it would need to be evaporated anyways it is easier to remove it early on. As with most sauces, I cooked it low and slow. I waterbathed the sauce, but to do that you MUST add lemon juice to increase the acidity. If you don’t want to do that they you need to pressure can the sauce. This batch produced 9 quarts which should get us through the next year.


Always let the jars sit for 24 hours before removing the rims! If you don’t, the lids could still come off. I know how tempting it is to do it early but if you do, you will regret it. Don’t ask me how I know. lol once the rims are removed, wash the entire jar so no food residue remains and store with the lids off.

All ready for easy meals this Winter.
All ready for easy meals this Winter.

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